Big Concept, Little Time


Luna and Access asked Amy to create five images of Luna’s team members seen through a graphic. Each graphic is specific to each division of Luna. Amy had to give the images universal feel, yet give each division their own identity. The somewhat hesitant subjects were true geniuses, which helped Amy when she needed assistance understanding the graphic, and with her guidance they became talented models. With 5 hours of shooting and a few hours in post production, the 5 concepts came to life!

“In the creative world, the sign of a true professional is someone who can take an idea and apply their expertise in order to make it better. When we began our website project we had a concept that we thought was pretty good, but Amy added a dimension that took it to a level that we had not imagined. Beyond that, her professionalism and personal style made it a pleasure throughout the process.”
– Geoff McCarty – VP of Marketing, Luna –

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Growing Concern


Bayer CropScience retained Clark Nexsen Architecture & Engineering to design a new greenhouse building at The Research Triangle Park in Raleigh, NC.

The structure features several laboratory areas, an extensive climate control infrastructure, isolated growing chambers, and a top floor greenhouse with powerful lighting, and a rolling gantry system to replace damaged glass panels.

Richard was brought in to capture the unique design, character, and functionality of this agribusiness specialty complex for the architects’ portfolio.

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